What happens when you mix an engineer with an artist?

Look no further, you have found the place where unusual things are done with usual tools.

What started with the question "how does a picture sound" has up till now resulted in an Excelsheet with which to create musical scores based on parameters of a picture. Or on a mathematical formula. Or on the letter frequency of a text.

The possibilities of Excel don't end with it making sound coming from your speakers. Add a microcontroller (arduino) in the mix and it can make leds light up your room. And/or move stuff around. Based on the numbers in your balance sheet.

Send us an e-mail (henriette.hamer [a] if you want us to make an existing functionality custom made to your wishes or if you have an exotic idea that you want us to figure out how to accomplish - which is obviously custom made.

Did we mention that you can make moving images with Excel? Well, we can.

For businesses that need a little break from every day serious work, we have a presentation that gives an inside peak on "How to use Excel as an artistic tool", that would fit in nicely in a day of training or teambuilding.

Obviously, Excel is our go-to "usual" application. Musically speaking, Excel has a really lousy sense of rhythm and the graphs are noticable 2D, so we have ventured into getting more acquainted with Unity - after we experienced the magic of Augmented Reality with a Hololens. Our ambition is - also - to be able to make applications for it when it becomes mainstream.

And though it may not seem that way, all projects in "Audio", "Video", and "GIF" have had major or minor help from Excel. The respective descriptions (on Soundcloud and Youtube) usually contain a 'conception' document and links to scores and MIDI- and Excel-files. These descriptions will at a later date be incorporated on this site, too.


We want the world to be a better place by putting a smile on peoples faces when they experience something they didn't expect.